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Senior Secures $1.25 Million Settlement After Severe T-Bone Collision in Woodinville

Ed Harper obtained a sizable settlement for a senior who was injured in a T-bone car wreck in Woodinville, Washington. Ed‘s client sustained severe ankle fractures, requiring emergency surgery, and subsequent surgeries to repair the injuries. The senior had a permanent change in how she walked and was in a wheelchair for many months afterwards. The settlement was for $1 Million from the at fault insurance company, and under insured motorist limits of $250,000 were offered and accepted. The client was grateful to have finality and move forward in life.

Settlement: $1.25 Million

Washingtonian Receives $800,000 Settlement for Injuries from Two Car Crashes

Ed Harper of Harper Law, PLLC and David Crump of the Crump Law Firm recently settled a claim for $800,000 for an injured Washingtonian. The man had been involved in two crashes leading to two back surgeries. Harper and Crump obtained all the insurance available including two $100,000 third-party liability limits, and $600,000 in under insured motorist benefits.

The client had been rear-ended in two car crashes and required filing suit due to one of the defendant driver’s claiming he was not responsible. Liability was admitted however after Harper took the deposition of the defendant driver, and the case settled for policy limits. The client sustained permanent injuries with permanent limitations.

Settlement: $800,000
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Software Developer Receives $1.25 Million Settlement for Traumatic Brain Injury in Rear-End Crash

Ed Harper of Harper Law and David Crump of the Crump Law Firm settled for policy limits of $1.25 million for a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a rear end motor vehicle crash. Plaintiff was a software developer working in Issaquah and sustained a traumatic brain injury, with permanent loss of earning capacity, requiring him to sell his business. The third-party and under insured motorist insurance carrier paid policy limits rather than face trial.

Settlement: $1.25 Million

Young Man Receives $333,400 Settlement for Traumatic Brain Injury After Multi-Car Collision

Ed Harper of Harper Law, and David Crump of the Crump Law Firm recently settled for policy limits of $333,400 (the insurance company had $500,000 in coverage available for all injured parties). A young man had suffered from a traumatic brain injury and ongoing treatment for more than five years. The client had been riding in the back seat of a high school golf team van as it was rear ended at a high rate of speed leading to a five-car chain-reaction collision. The young man has permanent vision and hearing issues stemming from the traumatic brain injury.

Settlement: $333,400
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Senior Awarded $500,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall Injury in Grocery Store

Ed Harper of Harper Law, PLLC and David Crump of the Crump Law Firm, settled a case for a senior who slipped and fell and broke his hip in a grocery store because of water spilled on the floor. The water was almost invisible due to the painted and sealed concrete flooring. The painted and sealed flooring surface was extremely slippery when wet, and failed to meet the industry standards. The defendant claimed plaintiff was also contributorily negligent. Before trial the defendant’s offer of $500,000 was accepted.

Settlement: $500,000

Young Mother Secures $2.75 Million Settlement from WSDOT After Severe Vehicle Roll-Over

Recently, Ed Harper of Harper Law PLLC teamed with David Crump of The Crump Law Firm representing a young mother of three who was seriously injured due to a Washington State Dept. of Transportation (WSDOT) employee who made an illegal U-turn on State Route 522 causing the young mother’s vehicle to roll several times. Thankfully, she and her 2 1/2-year-old son were able to be extricated.

The State of Washington admitted liability for the crash and paid the sum of $2.75 million to resolve this claim two weeks short of trial.

Ed and David were prepared to go to trial and were honored to represent this young mother in her battle against the State which had denied liability until three weeks before the scheduled trial date.

Settlement: $2.75 Million

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Lawrence Secures $1.38 Million in Damages After Court of Appeals Affirms Verdict Against TruGreen

Division 1 of Washington State Court of Appeal, by a unanimous decision, upheld the verdict obtained by Ed Harper and Jerry Pearson of The Pearson Law Firm. In the case, Lawrence v. TruGreen, et al, the defendants had sought the verdict to be overturned. However, in their opinion, the court stated the defendants had failed to provide enough evidence to overturn the jury’s decision. Appellate Justice C. J. Leach articulated the courts findings in a unanimous 3-0 decision. Ms. Lawrence sustained serious neck and back injuries from a rear-end collision. TruGreen admitted liability for injuries proximately caused by the collision, and this case proceeded to trial on causation and damage issues only. A jury awarded Lawrence $1,383,726 in damages. TruGreen appealed.

Because the trial court’s jury instructions allowed both sides to argue their theories of the case, did not mislead the jury, and correctly stated Washington law, the court did not err in giving the challenged instructions and refusing to give those requested but not given. TruGreen failed to preserve its remaining issues for review.

Verdict: $1,383,726

Case Reference: In the Court of Appeals of the State of Washington, No. 67245-2-1, Lawrence v TruGreen Landcare, LLC (2013).
Rebecca Lawrence v. TruGreen Landcare, LLC - Court of Appeals Decision
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Young Woman Awarded Nearly $1.4 Million for Injuries in Lynnwood Rear-End Collision

Ed Harper of Harper Law PLLC and Jerry Pearson of The Pearson Law Firm received a verdict for almost $1.4 million for a young woman’s personal injury claim arising from a rear-end collision. This result occurred in Snohomish Superior Court with Judge Kenneth Cowsert presiding. The award followed a two-week jury trial and granted the injured client all of her past and future medical bills. Additional funds were awarded to compensate her for both the past and future non-economic damages she sustained as well. The injuries stemmed from a violent collision on Highway 99 in Lynnwood, Washington. A Ford F-250 gardening truck slammed into the rear of the client’s vehicle at approximately 35 mph as traffic had stopped for a red light. Despite numerous attempts at settlement, the defendant forced the matter to go to trial. At trial, the defense claimed the pain and medical treatment was merely the result of a psychological predisposition of the injured client. The jury was not swayed by these defense tactics and awarded a verdict which should provide the necessary funds for the client’s future medical needs.

Verdict: Nearly $1.4 Million

Jury Awards $5.86 Million to Man Injured in Head-On Collision, Highlighting Serious Brain Injury Impact

May 27, 2009, Seattle, WA. A King County jury awarded $5.86 Million to a Washington man injured in a head-on collision. The client suffered a fractured leg, various contusions and a brain injury causing him to remain in a coma for several days following the accident. The seriousness of plaintiff’s brain injury was the central issue in the claim. Defendant’s vehicle was insured by PEMCO with a policy limit of $1.25 Million. Plaintiff made a policy limit demand at mediation, but it was rejected by the insurer. At the same time, PEMCO assured its driver that in the event of an excess verdict, it would pay any amount awarded. Plaintiff’s attorney, Ed Harper of Kirkland, recognized that PEMCO’s assurance to its driver meant there was no cap on potential recovery. He asked Rick Friedman of Friedman | Rubin to join him for the trial. Friedman recognized the difficulty with the case would be having the jury to recognize the seriousness of the client’s brain injury despite his retained intellectual capacity and communicative skills. At the same time, it would be necessary to counter the defense strategy which sought to blame the client. Friedman’s strategy was straightforward. In addition to the medical and psychological experts, the focus at trial would be the testimony of friends, family, and others, who could shed light on the client’s mental deficits. In-depth interviews of parents, friends and others revealed telling examples of his mental abilities before and after the accident. These stories supported the expert testimony indicating, while the client substantially retained his native intelligence, he now has great difficulty with memory, concentration, and multi-tasking. Facing Harper and Friedman at trial caused PEMCO to re-evaluate its settlement position. Having previously rejected plaintiff’s $1.25 demand at mediation, PEMCO offered $2 Million as the trial got underway. As the trial proceeded, PEMCO upped its offer to $2.5 Million. These offers were considered but were allowed to expire as Harper and Friedman concentrated on delivering a better result. After a two-week trial, the jury returned a fair verdict.

Verdict: $5.86 Million