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What Our Clients Are Saying

Truly Thankful for Your Hard Work

“I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work…If you need anything from me just let me know….otherwise I will wait to hear from you again, at your convenience…God Bless you…Have a wonderful Blessed Christmas.”

— Anonymous
A Big Thank You for Your Support and Guidance

“Ed, I have had a chance to run through your response, and I want to say, “Thank you!” for helping to clarify…as you know, I get super stressed about this whole thing and your guidance is priceless! Thanks again,”

— Anonymous
Appreciating Your Professionalism and Courtesy

“I compliment you and your staff for the professionalism your firm has shown while we attempt to resolve Ms. (client name omitted) injury claim. While it is obvious we may agree to disagree on value, I do appreciate the professional courtesies you and your staff have shown to me.”

— Anonymous Insurance Adjuster
Felt Like Family: Thank You for Everything!

“[My husband and I had] never been in an accident before… Talking to Ed, it wasn’t like I was talking to a lawyer, but it was like someone talking to his daughter – this was advice a father would give his daughter. They are for their people. I know that sounds (cheesy), but they truly are. Honesty. Integrity… truly caring about their clients. [Rate of overall experience with Harper Law] Definitely a 10… It was the scariest thing in the world for me to go into, and after working with Ed… I don’t know what I was so scared about, he assuaged my worries.“

— Britney B.
Great Service

“You guys are great!”

— Caleb E.
Grateful for Your Time and Integrity

“I wanted to write and thank you again for your time with me a few months ago. I so appreciated your coaching, I would happily recommend you to others as it was such a blessing to be in the counsel of someone with your integrity who had my best interest at heart. So grateful. I pray the Lord blesses you and your family in wonderful ways this year! Christine“

— Christine
Thank You for Making a Tough Time Easier

“Thank you very much for your help with this case. During the search for an attorney after my auto accident, my husband suggested your firm when he heard the commercial from Spirit 105.3 and thought I should give a call which I am very glad that I did. As much as I hate the auto accident having happened, but the process could’ve been far worse. You and your team helped me in such timely manner and really cared about client’s physical well-being. I would definitely recommend you to people around me when needed for a personal injury claim. Again, Thank you. Christine L.“

— Christine L. - Federal Way WA
Glad I Called You: A Sincere Thank You

“I am an insurance agent. Because I know the business, I figured we could handle our claim without using an attorney to keep costs down. Initially, the insurance company was very nice. However, a year or two later when I had completed treatment and it was time to settle the claim, it was a whole different matter. That’s when I heard the ad for Harper Law on Spirit 105.3, for which I’m thankful, as Ed was able to resolve my claim in a reasonable and fair manner. Thanks, Ed, for taking care of this for me within a reasonable time.”

— Christine T.
Thank You for Being a Great Partner and Friend

“Ed and I have teamed up in educational presentations in our community. He is personable, honest and has great knowledge in his areas of expertise. A pleasure to work with. Ed is an active and valued member of the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce, too.”

— Dale Amundsen
Thankful for Your Support Through the Years

“One of the ironies of life is that your search for legal representation will probably happen at a time when you are least able to conduct that search. Six years ago I found myself looking for legal help, and after approaching several firms without any success, I found Harper Law. My case was important to me, and Ed Harper’s firm took it. This was the beginning of a successful legal relationship that continues to this day. Even though that accident was a small one, I was kept informed at every step of the way and there’s no doubt that we had a much more favorable outcome than I would have had otherwise. In the intervening years, I’ve had several other incidents come up, and every time Ed and his associates have demonstrated sound judgment in taking the proper steps at the proper time, seeking my opinions and input along the way and showing considerable patience with me as we worked through the slow legal process. Never have they given me unrealistic expectations, an ethic which reflects both the knowledge they have of Washington State law and the maturity that comes from experience. Integrity is something you either have or don’t have, and integrity at Harper law is one of their benchmarks. I have learned that I can count on everyone in Ed’s firm to be realistic and candid, honest and fair, even with the opposition. It doesn’t hurt that they are also nice, hard-working people, too. If realistic, honest, fair, candid, mature, patient and knowledgeable are qualities you value in a law firm, I’d say you’ve found that firm in Ed Harper Law.”

— Dave L.
Wishing Others Could Learn from You

“You guys are great to work with, I’ve said many times I wish I could send you around to some other law firms to teach them how it’s properly done.”

— Dave L.
Always My Go-To Legal Expert

“I kind of look at Ed like a mechanic – I will always bring my case to him… and if he can’t handle it, he’ll [either] refer us to people who can or he’ll incorporate people who specialize in that [situation].”

— Downey C.
Grateful for Your Expert Handling

“Hi Ed: Just a quick note to thank you & convey how happy Jane & I are in the manner in which you handled Jane’s case with the insurance companies pertaining to her auto accident. Thanks again Ed”

— Ed and Jane
Proud to Call You My Attorney

“I’ve heard your ad on 105.3 several times and always feel thankful you’re my attorney!!”

— Elizabeth S.
Professionalism That Blesses

“Thank you very much for the professional manner in which this issue was handled and your willingness to work with me. I believe this worked out well for both of us. I am also reminded that this was possible because I heard an advertisement on Spirit radio. Thank you and may you continue to be blessed for all the good work you are doing.“

— Glen - Redmond
Thankful for Making a Tough Journey Easier

“Thanks so much for all your help in settling my claim! I’m sure you’ll understand if I say I hope we never have to do business again! :) Your office made this difficult journey quite a bit easier. Thanks again for everything!”

— Heidi R.
Your Care Made Our Challenge Less Traumatic

“Thank-you Ed Harper Law! You were legally efficient, timely and best of all, caring. You and your staff made our stressful pain and suffering due to a rear-end car accident much less traumatic. What a relief to have someone who knows the system to handle the legal challenges for us, allowing us to concentrate on healing and coping. You engineered a fair settlement that is a huge blessing to us.”

— Jerry and Rose D.
Compassionate, Knowledgeable Legal Guidance

“I found Ed Harper to be calming, compassionate, knowledgeable, informative and thorough attorney. I would highly recommend Ed to a family member or close friend if an attorney of his skill was needed. Initially, when I was hurt, I tried to settle my claim with the insurance company myself and found them to be difficult, cold, misleading and uncooperative. Also, Ed and his wife Marcia are honest, trustworthy, competent and compassionate. “

— John and Pam of Wedgwood
Thrilled by Your Support for Sierra

“Recently, my daughter, Sierra, sought Ed Harper’s services after she was rear-ended by a taxi in Seattle. She wasn’t seriously injured, but she did have to take time off from work. And her medical bills for chiropractic and massage totaled several thousand dollars! All she wanted from the taxi’s insurance company was for them to pay her medical bills, but they said they would only pay a portion of them. So we encouraged Sierra to talk with an attorney. The first one she spoke with told her that the case wasn’t worth his time. But my wife and I had met Ed Harper at the Bothell Chamber of Commerce, so we asked him if he would take a look at Sierra’s case. After doing so, he decided that he could help her. Well, it turns out that not only was he able to convince the insurance company that they should pay ALL of Sierra’s medical bills, he also convinced them that they should pay for her time off work and school, and for “pain and suffering” as well! Needless to say, she was ecstatic with the outcome of Ed’s hard work, persistence and expertise. Ed Harper can provide assistance to others like us in a time of physical, emotional, and financial need – a time when an injured person needs ethical and compassionate advice from an attorney they can trust.”

— John H. Harding, Harding Mortgage Associates, Inc.
Felt Like a Friend, Not Just a Lawyer

“I trusted them with everything… Once we met him, we knew he was the guy. Not even a question. It was almost like he was a friend, not our lawyer.”

— Julia M.
Thankful for Every Help Along the Way

“Thank you so much for all you have done to help me with my case. It has always been a pleasure talking with you and, although I hope not, I look forward to talking with you in the future. I will send others your way in hope that you will be able to help them also. Again, thank you so much!!!”

— Julie H.
Appreciating Your Integrity and Support

“I just appreciated Ed’s integrity. I felt he had my best interests at heart.”

— Karen C.
Couldn't Have Done It Without Your Encouragement

“Ed, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. I don’t think that I would have had the courage or persistence to see my claim through without your encouragement. Thank you for caring about me and being so personable so as to help me navigate through everything. You have been so patient with me. So, thank you again!”

— Karli J.
A Sigh of Relief with Your Support

“On October 31st, 2007, I was in a pretty serious car accident after being cut off by a semi-truck driver and spiraling out of control and ultimately destroying my car. Luckily I wasn’t seriously injured, but after going through all the pain and inconveniences that arise after having such an accident, the last thing we wanted to do is deal with all the legal matters that go along with it. We had already experienced the beginning of frustrations trying to deal with insurance companies on our own. And since it was a commercial truck at fault and we had to deal with the company insurance, it made it even more daunting. And then we found Ed Harper’s firm. As soon as we decided to work with him, we instantly felt a sigh of relief! Suddenly we didn’t have to worry about a thing and knew that we were being taken care of! It was so nice to not have to deal with all the legal issues or with the insurance companies ourselves and be sure that we were getting the best service and the most fair settlement that we could. I also believe we received much more in our settlement than we would have if we tried to handle everything on our own. We were definitely pleased with our experience working with Harper Law. Everyone there was so great to work with. And being fellow Christians ourselves, it was also comforting that we had someone who believed ultimate integrity and had the ultimate judge working along side us! Hopefully we won’t run into the same situation again, but if we ever need any legal help, we definitely know who we’d turn to. Thank you for everything!”

— Laura P.
Grateful for Your Guidance and Support

“Thank you for all of your help and support through this process. Our family is very thankful for you and the guidance you have provided to us over the past few years! Take care – Merry Christmas to you and your family!”

— Lauren C.
Thankful for Your Hard Work and Compassion

“Dear Mr. Harper: We want to thank you for all the hard work you did trying to make a case for us. We are saddened that there was no success in eliminating the dangerous conditions causing the death of our son. We really appreciate all you did, and most of all what a kind and compassionate person you are. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we encounter who needs a good attorney.”

— Linda C.
Gained a Friend and Family in Your Office

“Ed kind of held my hand through the whole process… the best way to say it is I feel I’ve gained a friend and new family out of Ed’s office. He came and picked me up sometimes when we needed to go [get evidence, etc…]… At the time we had a new child, [she] came into the situation where I possibly wasn’t going to be able to make the appointment, so Ed and his office watched my daughter the whole day. Between him, his paralegals, and his daughters, they took care of her. Even though the whole legal process is passed, they’re still a very present part of my life. With Harper Law, I didn’t feel like a client of theirs, I felt like a friend.”

— Lynn M.
Forever Thankful for Your Support and Dignity

“I write to give thanks for the moment you took out of your life to represent someone in need of help. I will forever remember the intersecting of our paths, all the comforting support, and the insight you shared. For all the dignity and integrity that I saw in you, I can never repay or say enough good things to thank you. I am privileged and honored to have been represented by a brother of your caliber. You are forever in my heart and in my prayers. I would also like to say thank you to your wonderfully caring, comforting staff, for their patience and tolerance in my time of need. I can never thank you enough for all of your help! May God bless all of you.”

— Mark L.
The Nicest Attorney I've Ever Worked With

“I was employed by Ed Harper in February 1996 and worked for him for two years. While I have more than 40 years experience in the legal field and have worked with many well-known and well-respected lawyers in the Seattle area, one of whom is now a King County Superior Court judge and another who is now a Washington State Supreme Court Justice, I found Ed to be the nicest attorney with whom I have ever worked. Ed is an honest and ethical lawyer who genuinely cares for each of his clients on a personal level. I have the utmost confidence that anyone seeking legal assistance from Ed Harper would be represented with integrity and compassion.”

— Marty D.
A Fine Attorney and Truly Good Man

“I have been in law enforcement for almost 40 years and have known Ed Harper for a number of those years. I have referred friends needing legal assistance to Ed because he truly cares about his clients. I am always confident that he will do his very best to help each of them to successfully resolve their legal problems. His judgment and common sense regarding legal issues is outstanding and his compassion for injured individuals is exceptional. Bottom line… Ed Harper is not only a fine attorney; he is truly a good man.”

— Myrle C.
Blessed by Your Efficiency and Friendship

“Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate everything you have done. You are soooo wonderful and efficient. We could not have been more blessed with you all as our lawyers and friends. You have been wonderful from the beginning and did an awesome job. Thank you again.”

— N.K.
Painless Process Thanks to Your Team

“Dealing with car accident is never fun. A family friend recommended Harper Law, and I couldn’t be more pleased with Ed and his team of paralegals. Throughout the case Harper Law kept me well informed and made the entire process painless. They maintained professionalism and also were friendly and helpful! If anyone I know needs legal representation regarding accidents, I would always recommend to give them a call, I’m glad I did!”

— Nathan
Best Decision Ever to Hire You

“Thank you for ALL of your help, hiring you was the best decision ever. You have been absolutely outstanding!”

— Richard
Grateful for Your Smart, Diligent Work

“I was blessed with a smart, diligent co-counsel, Ed Harper, who did a great job working up the case. We should all always be so lucky. [Following 5.86 million dollar verdict in May 2009]”

— Rick F.
A Man of Integrity and a Trusted Friend

“Ed Harper is a man of integrity and honesty. He is easy to talk with and not only listens, but hears what you have to say and acts on it to the best of his abilities. It is a privilege to not only have had him as a counselor and attorney, but to now count him as friend. He’s a good man to have on your side.”

— Skip W.
Thankful for Your Respectful Support


— Stacey R.
Appreciating Your Help and Transparency

“I wanted to say Thank You to you for all your help in this stressful and unfortunate situation. I appreciate your openness, honesty and transparency in answering my questions and also just taking the time to guide me through the process. It was great help to have the support and knowledge of the team. Many thanks.”

— Steve J.
Your Expertise Made a Tough Time Manageable

“A simple accident has more moving parts than one might imagine and working with an expert in the field has proven to be invaluable to me and my family. Most of us don’t have experience navigating the legal processes that can occur after a car accident, particularly when an under-insured motorist is at fault. I certainly didn’t. I also didn’t have the time or inclination to become an expert on the process as I managed working, raising a family and ongoing rehabilitation from my injuries. Ed and his team made it incredibly easy for me to focus on my priorities while they took the lead on my case. I am very satisfied with the engagement process and the outcome. The Harper Law team’s attentive and proactive approach made an otherwise challenging season much more manageable.”

— Tana L.
Thankful for Your Advocacy and Patience

“Thank you for the opportunity to mediate this challenging case. I enjoyed seeing you and working with you again. The result could not have been accomplished without your excellent advocacy and patient approach to the process.”

— Terri W. - Seattle Mediator
A Perfect 10 for Genuine Legal Support

“I give them a 10 (out of 10 for overall rating), but I’m coming from a little different perspective, but for me, it fits everything I would want out of an attorney, he let me know it was a long process, them contacting me periodically to check up, a month or two between conversations, so yeah, for me, for my wife, I believe it was a 10 – absolute 10. There’s people out there that want this big old massive legal machine. We didn’t want to be another number on the big client list. I dealt with Ed most of the time, Britney was just getting better, a lot of her communication was later, any question I had I could call Ed, he’d get back to me, he was there along the way to advise me, it was real, really easy.”

— William B.
Trustworthy Team and Down-to-Earth Lawyer

“The people that [Ed] has on staff are great at following through, and they’re trustworthy, very knowledgeable… When you sit down and meet with Ed himself, he’s down to earth, he’s a real guy. He’s a family guy.”

— William B.